Wireless Days 2021 – 12th Wireless Days Conference

Wireless Days 2021 - Paris, France

Welcome to the Annual Wireless Days Conference in its 12th edition, taking place for the second time in Paris. WD is firmly establishing itself as a serious venue for the dissemination of leading-edge state of art knowledge and technologies pertaining to Wireless Communications. Since its inception, it has been offering a stimulating, live environment for discussing new research paths, discoveries, and results among professionals from both Academia and Industry and it has been nurturing fruitful exchange of ideas and positive critics among Wireless Communication and Networking experts. 

After the successful editions of 2008 in Dubai, UAE (44% acceptance ratio), 2009 in Paris, France (38% acceptance ratio), 2010 in Venice, Italy (33% acceptance ratio), 2011 in Niagara Falls, Canada (35% acceptance ratio), 2012 in Dublin, Ireland (35% acceptance ratio), 2013 in Valencia, Spain (34% acceptance ratio), 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016 in Toulouse, France (35% acceptance ratio), 2017 in Porto, Portugal, 2018 in Dubai, UAE (32% acceptance ratio), and the last edition, 2019 in Manchester, UK (34% acceptance ratio), the 12th edition of Wireless Days will be held in Paris, France, on June 30 – July 2, 2021 

Wireless Days 2021 will include presentations of both theoretical and experimental achievements, innovative wireless systems, prototyping efforts, case studies, and advances in technology related to wireless networking and communication infrastructures. 

The 2021 Wireless Days conference program will be split into the following tracks: 

  • Track 1: Ad hoc and Sensor Networking
  • Track 2: Connected & Autonomous Vehicles in Land, Water, and Sky
  • Track 3: IoT and smart X: Networking, Cloudification, and Services
  • Track 4: Wireless and Mobile Communications: 5G, 6G, Wifi-ng, and beyond 
  • Track 5: Wireless Models and Simulations 
  • Track 6: AI for Wireless and Mobile Networks
  • Track 7: Wireless and mobile networking technologies for fighting pandemics (Special Track) 

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