MobInt 2022 – 1st Annual Mobile Internet Conference

The Internet has long been considered as fixed. Mobility has started to appear with mobile networks. Today and even more tomorrow, most antennas will be mobile, whether in your vehicle or in your pocket. Mobile networks rely on fixed antennas, large and powerful and increasingly smaller and less powerful. The mobile Internet is made up of all the mobile antennas helped by the fixed antennas. The architectures of mobile networks are completely different from the architectures of the mobile Internet. Fixed datacenters must be complemented by mobile datacenters.

The objective of this conference is to present the state of the art on the mobile Internet and to examine the research carried out on this new theme.

The conference will be held in Paris from June 21st to 23rd, 2021. It is the first conference in a series which should make it possible to develop and implement the mobile Internet.


  • Ad hoc and mesh networks
  • Participatory and urban networks
  • Edge datacenter
  • Femto datacenter
  • Mobile datacenter
  • 5G for mobile Internet
  • D2D
  • Hybrid technology
  • MAC protocols, scheduling, power, topology, and resource control
  • Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Transport layer protocols for multi-hop networks
  • Mobile sensor networks
  • Vehicular networks
  • Smart mobile networks
  • Intelligence in the Mobile Internet
  • Application for the Mobile Internet
  • Totally distributed applications
  • Integration of ad hoc networks with wireless access networks
  • Implementations, testbeds, and prototypes
  • Optimization models and algorithms
  • Energy-efficient networking
  • Security and privacy
  • Location in the Mobile Internet
  • Underwater wireless networks
  • Green networking
  • Mobile smart grid networks
  • UAVs and flying mesh networks (FANETs)
  • Low and high platforms

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