IFIP Networking 2020

IFIP Networking 2020

The IFIP NETWORKING conference comes back to Paris 20 years after the first event of the series. This conference is sponsored by the IFIP Technical Committee on Communication Systems (TC6). Accepted papers will be published in the IFIP Digital Library and the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

The main objective of Networking 2020 is to bring together members of the networking community, from both academia and industry, to discuss recent advances in the broad and quickly-evolving fields of computer and communication networks, to highlight key issues, identify trends, and develop a vision for future Internet technology, operation, and use.

The technical sessions will be structured following six areas:

Network Architectures, Applications, and Services

SDN, NFV, cloud/fog Networking, content distribution, cyber-physical systems, optical networks, web architectures and protocols, evolution of IP network architectures and protocols, green networking, resilient networks, network management, traffic engineering, QoS, emerging value-added services and applications.

Network Modeling and Analysis

Topology characterization, performance measurements, traffic monitoring and analysis, use behavior modeling, QoE, data-driven design, user profiling and tracking, complex and dynamic networks, participatory networks, social networks, socioeconomic aspects of networks, pricing and billing.

Network Security and Privacy

Network security protocols, trust and privacy, anomaly and malware detection, denial-of-service detection and mitigation, network forensics, authentication, anonymization, dependability, situational awareness, threat intelligence, blockchains and their applications.

Wireless Networking

5G access networks, long-range communication, ad-hoc and mesh networks, mobile networks, self-organizing networks, wireless sensor networks, visible light communication, localization, delay/disruption tolerant networks, opportunistic networks, wireless power transfer networks, device-to-device communication, vehicular networks.

Tactile Internet

Tactile Internet is the Internet network combining ultra-low latency with extremely high availability, reliability and security.

Tactile Internet will be the next evolution of the Internet of Things.

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