BRAINS 2021 – 3rd Conference on Blockchain Research & Applications for Innovative Networks and Services

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) have the potential to disrupt any domain involving coordination among autonomous resources. This includes finance and payments (e.g., fintech), but also networks (e.g., power grids or telecom networks), computing (e.g., brokering of edge resources), IoT (e.g., supply chain, V2X or industry 4.0) or service platforms (e.g., identity management). BRAINS Conference is dedicated to these new advances that could make the world of networks and services more secure while enabling disruptive new distributed business models.

Topics of interest

Fundamentals of Blockchain and DLT :

  • Theoretical contributions on  Blockchain and DLT
  • Distributed consensus and fault tolerance solutions, including domain-specific consensus (e.g., for networking)
  • Tradeoffs between decentralization, scalability, performance, and security
  • Protocols and algorithms

Decentralized Apps, Smart contracts and chain code :

  • Development languages and tooling
  • Security, Privacy, Attacks, Forensics
  • Transaction Monitoring and Analysis
  • Token Economy
  • Distributed Trust
  • Collaboration between on-chain and off-chain code
  • Oracles, DeFi, NFT dapps and protocols

Application and service cases of DLT and Smart-Contracts:

  • Finance and payments
  • IoT and cyber-physical systems
  • Smart grids and Industry 4.0
  • Networking, Edge and Cloud Technologies
  • 5G Technologies, Telecom Process, and Operation
  • Supply chain management
  • V2X, connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Services or Resources Marketplaces
  • Blockchain as a service
  • Blockchain-defined networking

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