NoF 2018 – 9th International Conference on Network of the Future

Network of the Future

NoF 2018 – 9th International Conference on Network of the Future

NoF 2018 – Network of the Future 2018 conference is the premier annual conference that covers advances in the area of Future Internet design, with emphasis on enabling technologies, architectures, and services.
The conference aims at providing a forum for researchers, students, and professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas, share their experiences, discuss their research results around a single-track of technical sessions or a series of keynote speeches.
NoF 2018 will explore the opportunities and challenges of networks of the future for industry, academia, governments and enterprises.
The single-track structure of the conference guarantees appropriate presentation of the technical papers and demos.

Being located in the Center of Europe, Poznań is certainly the right place to organize NoF 2018. The city has a long history from the early rise of Poland, and has been at crossroads of many economical relationships for centuries.

It has also undergone major transformation towards the digital world, hosting many ICT companies, especially because of its famous universities.NoF 2018 will take place in Poznań University of Technology, located right in the center of the city, within walking distance from the train station and offering quick access to the medium-sized airport, just a few miles away.

After the successful editions of NoF in Brisbane, Australia (2010), in Paris, France (2011 and 2014), in Tunis, Tunisia (2012), in Pohang, South Korea (2013), in Montreal, Canada (2015), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2016) and in London, UK (1017), we would like to invite you to contribute and participate in the 9th edition of NoF in Poznań, Poland, on November 19-21, 2018.
Organized by DNAC.

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