6GNet 2022 – 1st International Conference on 6G Networking

6G represents a point of convergence of many studies to lead to a new generation of networks. The ideas to move forward in this direction of convergence of wireless and mobile networks are very numerous and convergence will only happen through discussions between the different options. The aim of the 6G conference is precisely to bring together researchers and engineers from different horizons to compare the proposals and try to bring together ideas.
This 6G conference will take place in Paris from July 6 – 8, 2022, and aims to bring together researchers and engineers working on projects in the direction of 6G.


  • 6G Physical layers
  • 6G RAN
  • Softwarisation and virtualization
  • 6GC – Core Network
  • Control algorithms
  • Network management
  • Self-driving networks
  • 6G visions
  • Ad hoc and mesh networks
  • Participatory and urban networks
  • Edge and Far Edge Cloud
  • Mobile datacenter
  • 6G for mobile Internet
  • D2D
  • Hybrid technology
  • 6G Vehicular networks
  • 6G Intelligence
  • Implementations, testbeds, and prototypes
  • Energy-efficient networking
  • Security and privacy
  • 6G Location
  • Underwater 6G wireless networks
  • Low and high 6G platforms
  • 6G Green networking
  • 6G Applications

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